Wireless Perimeter Security

Former Secret Service Agent, Presidential Protection, Specializing in Wireless Perimeter Security

Wireless Perimeter Security System for Estates, Yachts, Marinas, Warehouses, etc.

Former Secret Service Agent - Presidential Protection - Wireless Perimeter Security System

Distances can be up to 660 feet between towers.

J.A. LaSorsa and Associates has Wireless Perimeter Security System that can be used at Marinas, Airports, Auto Dealerships and more..

This Wireless Perimeter Security System consists of a series of solar-powered towers emitting photoelectric infrared beams that provide a security perimeter around anything from a building, cargo terminal, island or yacht, etc.

It is designed to immediately alert security personnel of intruders breaching a secured perimeter. This Wireless Perimeter Security System employs infrared beam technology, wireless communication and solar power to secure a perimeter independent of the customer's power supply and telecommunication system.

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*Specifications may change for product enhancement **Other options available for site specific applications and custom installation


If a facility experiences a power or telecommunication disruption, the perimeter will remain secure. In addition, if an intruder attempts to destroy or remove this system, it will immediately alert security personnel by computer, voice, beeper, hand held radio in order to prevent escape or unauthorized access

The system can be integrated into an existing alarm system and provides the most secure perimeter security protection because it is not dependent on phone or electric utilities.

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